Beyond The Grid – Nigeria’s Energy Autonomy

The documentary tells an important story of our energy shift from an impoverished past to a sustainable future through decentralized renewable energy (DRE). The Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) aims to make reliable electricity available to 90% of the population by 2030, with at least a 10% share of renewables by 2025.

The documentary seeks to investigate the viabilities of decentralized renewable energy (DRE) as an alternative source of electricity, by exploring the prospects from different perspectives of the relevant industry players i.e. project developers, OEMs, technology providers, investors, energy regulators and advocates drawing upon their experiences.

The Valuable Waste

The documentary film is about the growing waste management concerns across the coastal borders of West Africa as a result of human activities, featuring the cities of Lagos, Cape Coast and Lomé. It also highlights the potential solutions in tackling this environmental menace through recycling.

The film’s narrative unfolds through a series of the storyline:

  • the poor waste management culture in Africa,
  • the health and environmental effects of improper waste management,
  • the stakeholders of the environment,
  • the role of social groups and other stakeholders contributing and participating in the growth of a clean and healthy environment thus achieving sustainable development in Africa.