A story can be told in multiple ways, but the stories that lead to conversion are typically the most engaging ones—despite how short the story may be. Here’s what makes an engaging story;

Authenticity: an engaging story is in touch with humanity, not detached from it. It is one written to the audience in the most real and most natural form possible. An engaging story is real enough and relatable to the audience, connecting with reality, problems, and imagination.

A good story is gripping; it snatches the attention of the audience early enough. It is intriguing and well-told, leaving them expecting more and looking forward to what is to come.

Comprehensive: Most importantly, a good story should be comprehensive. It should be one that does not leave the audience confused when the story is concluded. It is one with a definite message or required action reinforced by the story.

Now, how could you possibly use storytelling in your business? Storytelling can be woven into anything, from simple conversations to blockbusters. You could use storytelling as ads (promotional videos), documentaries, and social media content for your business. Make it a date with us next week as we dive deeper into these forms of storytelling. And how you could employ them.

At ULTRASHOT, not only do we handle cameras, we specialize in telling compelling stories. Stories that pass your brand message succinctly, exactly how you want it.