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As old as man, storytelling has played a relevant role in the human experience. From cave paintings in the Chauvet cave to the hieroglyphs in Egyptian temples and tombs, stories have been a continuous part of life and a tool for communicating ideas from generation to generation and person to person.

As time passed and man evolved, storytelling has taken on different forms. Different and more sophisticated forms serve the primary purpose of storytelling.

The art of storytelling has moved from cave paintings, hieroglyphs, and writings on scrolls to motion pictures, books (in all its forms), and ad boards to name but a few. And even as we see further transitions of storytelling to virtual reality and newer immersive technology, the basis remains the same. Communication, education and enlightenment, and entertainment remain the core character of storytelling.
You are probably beginning to wonder what storytelling has got to do with growing your business.

Well, everyone loves a good story. No matter how sadistic one might be, a good story would always pick the attention of the readers or listeners. A good story and proper engagement of the art of storytelling can land your business right in front of your target audience, prospective clients, and/or second customers. It is one of the things that can lead to improvement in sales and increased patronage of your business.

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